LOCATION:                           Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia

PROJECT TYPE:                    Eight satellite care facilities for one of                                                          leading children's hospitals in the nation                                                     (now Atlanta Children's Healthcare System)

SERVICES PROVIDED:         Architectural Design through Construction
                                               Administration,  Interior Design

SQUARE FOOTAGE:              150,000 SF

COMPLETION DATE:            Completed between 1995 & 1998          


       • 23,00 SF facility prototype consisted of 40 exam rooms, 8 treatment           rooms, diagnostics, and community education space to support           primary/specialty/urgent care operations.
       • Fast-track design schedule had the first facility operational within six           months of initial team meeting.
       • Exterior features large Egleston Rainbows (trademark), primary           colors, and a barrel-vault translucent canopy that creates a light-          filled lobby registration.
       • Interior features curving walls, colorful graphics and a whimsical           registration and children's play area.


       • First Place Award for healthcare interiors for its child-friendly          atmosphere


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